D&AD has launched a browser extension that blocks annoying ads and replaces them with great ones. Yes, you read that right. BETC Paris created and developed the plug-in for D&AD. The Ad Filter automatically replaces boring ads with D&AD winners.

It’s a wonderful idea. Boring ads are out so that some really good ones can entertain you and inspire you. Too bad, Cannes missed out on this one. And so did One Show.

The idea beautifully promotes D&AD by showcasing D&AD winning ads to people. By blocking out the boring ads, D&AD truly celebrates creativity and also reminds creative thinkers to raise the bar of creativity.

Hope the Ad Filter reaches out to many more beyond the creative fraternity. Especially to over 300 million people who use an ad blocking browser extension to remove annoying ads on the Internet.

Click on the link below to install the plug-in and enjoy watching ads for a change.