Both clients and advertising agencies need to be aligned on the same page and work closely to achieve this objective. Else, your ad campaign will end up looking like 90% of the advertising campaigns that get churned out every year – trash! And you can’t just blame the agency for it. Clients too are equally responsible for the mess. So if you want your ad campaign to be memorable, it needs to be creatively effective. Here are a few things that can help you get there:

  • Be single-minded.

    While writing a brief, clients need to identify what is the one thing that makes their product or service so unique. Something that your brand can own. What’s the single minded proposition (It can’t be yeh bhi, woh bhi, kuch bhi) that the agency can use as a springboard to develop a sharp ad campaign. Creative thinking starts with single-mindedness. If the brief fails to do that then the agency will have to probe the client further. Set up an informal meeting over coffee or a beer and have a chat a about it. Discuss the objective of the communication, see what the competition is up to, figure out what will help your brand stand out in the marketplace.

  • Is it insightful?
    Let the ad campaign emerge from a life truth that your audience can relate to. Make that deeper connection inspired from life experiences. Because then, it won’t look like you’re trying to sell and you’ll end up engaging and entertaining your audience who will sit up and take notice effortlessly. Always look for a universal idea that can cut across all audiences. Especially in a country like India, which is very diverse in terms of culture and way of life too. If you don’t engage your audience they will switch off. So make every penny spent on media count.
  • Leave no room for clutter.
    How often we have seen billboards and print ads that are so cluttered that it badly needs deep cleaning services (Yes, what we do at our homes and offices just before Diwali). The ads are filled with so many unnecessary things that customers end up losing interest and don’t even bother see the ad. Because they don’t know where to look. If you want the attention of your customers then keep the artwork clean, simple and minimal. The thumb rule here is that the communicate should fit on the back of the visiting card. If it does then it’s not good enough to go on an ad. If not, then you need to go back to the drawing board.
  • Focus on detailing.
    A well-designed ad layout adds more appeal and enhances the experience for the viewer. It’s also true that it does take time to create stunning layouts. So plan well in advance and avoid last minute job. Copywriting too plays a pivotal role here. Every brand has a unique tone of voice. You need to identify what will be the tone of voice for your band. This is also the time when the art directors and copywriters need to stick together and plan the execution completely.

A lot goes into making of a successful ad campaign. Every brief is a new beginning and it brings along a new opportunity to create something out-of-the-box. Positive intention, passion and enthusiasm to create a great campaign is what drives every client and ad agency. It’s what makes each day exciting to push the boundaries. Lastly, don’t forget to pop the bubbly and celebrate the success of your ad campaign. Because you are only as good as their last campaign. Cheers!