Crafting a thoughtful brochure design and content is as important as crafting a good sales pitch. Here’s how we created an impactful brochure for Mail It after a simple yet powerful logo which they loved. Mail It is a courier and mailroom management company, offering services to corporates. Due to the complex nature of their business, Mail It needed to create an easy to understand and comprehensive communication tool for its clients. Our team weaved a beautiful and insightful story that explained the complex workings in a simple and effective manner. After all, first impression matters. So, what will you leave behind for your clients and customers?

Simple and effective copy with real life images to create engagement:

Taking the ‘About Us’ section beyond the brand – to a point where and how it all started:

Vision and values decoded:

The work explained:

Simplifying the process:

Showcasing the growth story:

Voila: Mail It!