Our actions are going to haunt our future generation. This film is a testimony that time is running out. We have to make a choice that’ll allow our future generation to co-exist with nature. We can’t survive alone. This Unilever film scares the living daylights out of you.

It holds the mirror in front of us, telling us that we need to take responsibility of our actions. Now. Not later. DAVID Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather London, created the film, Farewell to the Forest. What a beautiful concept of showing the plight of a ‘Treefugee’. Farewell to the forest dramatizes the truth that rainforests are no longer the safest place on Earth for trees anymore. Who would have thought so? Well, with 36 football pitches being cleared every minute says it all. Deforestration is nothing but Dehumanisation. Take climate action and sign the Unilever & WWF pledge today to help protect one million trees. For every signature, Unilever and WWF will help protect a tree on your behalf. Let’s build a bright future for our children and generations to come. Click on the link below to know more… https://brightfuture.unilever.com/stories/430791/We-re-not-ready-to-say-farewell-to-our-forests.aspx