Can an idea save lives? Well, it can. Here’s the proof. The Asiri Group of Hospitals, one of Sri Lanka’s largest healthcare providers, created more than just awareness about washing hands. From preventing a common cold to protecting a person from hepatitis, washing hands regularly is crucial to maintain good health.

Public buses are a mainstream source of transportation in Sri Lanka. With scores of people using the bus services every day, buses are a hotbed for spreading germs among passengers. What’s more, public bus stops seldom provide sanitizers for their passengers.

 Leo Burnett Colombo devised the “Soap Bus Ticket,” an innovative ticket roll infused with soap. Every bus ticket issued to a passenger also doubles up as a free piece of soap – a simple, innovative and a powerful way to protect people. An integrated campaign of posters and signage educated the public about the benefits of washing hands as a way to help protect people from serious diseases and illnesses.