Ever seen an ostrich fly? Well, Samsung made it possible. With the help of VR, an ostrich does the unimaginable. Leo Burnett Chicago makes an ostrich believe that it can spread its wings and fly. Samsung’s ‘ostrich’ commercial is brilliantly directed by Matthijis Van Heinjningen and took home seven prestigious Lions Awards for its creative excellence. 

 Now, here’s some food for thought for small brands: don’t waste time thinking that it can’t be done. Instead, start believing that it can be done. Wake up and smell the coffee. Small brands often operate from the mindset that they don’t stand a chance against the big boys. And that’s because they believe that. They allow themselves to be bullied. Create your own path to market and sell differently. You don’t need a big budget to shatter that mindset. Just give yourself the chance to believe that ‘it can be done.’ Small businesses need to think differently in terms of strategy. They need to be agile, sprint-ready and creatively compete with their big competitors. Be innovative – do things that haven’t been done before. Push the bar. Take risks. Because it can be done, yes it can be done. This also gives the agency the opportunity to create campaigns that truly make a difference by creating disruptive and result-oriented campaigns. After the debacle of Note 7, Samsung deep dives into the basic human urge to strive for the extra-ordinary by demonstrating the company’s commitment to break boundaries and do the incredible. #DoWhatYouCant